Hydrostats, Retorts and
Rotary Sterilisation Equipment

Dodfrey Engineering are the market leaders providing specialist engineers in the maintenance of Hydrostatic sterilising equipment . Whether it is Hydrostats, Retorts or Rotary sterilisers , we can offer a tailored service to install, inspect, repair & replace.

Inspections include detailed analysis and written report of each element of the Hydrostat plus associated pipework and valves. Key to the process are the maintenance and repairs recommendations both short & long term, which form the cornerstone of subsequent works to maintain the sterilisers performance.

Elements within the report would be:

Chargeleg, pre-heat leg, steam chest, pre-cool leg, cooling section, effluent tank, surge tank, chain & sprockets, structural steelwork, valve condition, recommendations both immediate and long term.

Dodfreys can also cater for bespoke installations, inspections & maintenance services & can provide priced solutions including downtime. Working throughout Europe providing a structured and proven approach for each and every customer.

Dodfrey Engineering can also provide services which include:

  • Reactive breakdown work
  • Safety & energy efficiency surveys
  • installation
  • Operator / maintenance training

Watch a YouTube video showing installation of a new Hydrostat leg

Rotary Sterilisation Equipment